Our newly renovated Parish Hall is available to rent for public and private use. Please contact the office at 520-221-0149 or revjcaleb9@gmail.com for details or to reserve the space.

The Vicar and Bishop’s Committee of St. John’s Episcopal Church are happy to make our facility available for public and private use, and we welcome you.

This schedule reflects the current recurrent use of the hall by groups in the community. St. John’s is not responsible for any changes in the schedules for these community groups. Please see the leader of the group for information and updates.

Fellowship Hall Schedule

12:00 – 1 pm: Alcoholics Anonymous
4:30 – 6 pm: Girl Scouts of America Troop Meeting      

12:00 – 1 pm: Alcoholics Anonymous

12:00 – 1 pm: Alcoholics Anonymous                                  

5 – 6:15 pm: Tai Chi
7 – 8 pm: Alcoholics Anonymous

10:30-11:45 am: Women’s Meeting on Fridays

Building Use Guidelines/Rental Agreement

The following guidelines reflect the standards of conduct expected of members and guests when using the building, grounds, or property of St. John’s Episcopal Church.

  1. If you request the use of the Sanctuary, please keep in mind that it is a sacred space, and treat it accordingly. Furniture should not be used for any other purpose than that designated by the church.
  2. The use of the building is limited to the specific area indicated in the application/rental form.
  3. Groups using St. John’s agree to leave facilities in a clean condition with all furniture put back where it was found.
  4. All groups will designate a person who will accept responsibility for the use of the church facility, oversight of the building key, and enforcement of these guidelines.
  5. The cost of damage repairs or replacement of church property will be deducted from the damage deposit. Any overage costs will be billed to the group. A damage deposit is refundable if there is no damage. Cleaning fees are nonrefundable.
  6. St. John’s is a smoke-free facility.
  7. Decorations may only be attached to the walls or ceilings with painter’s tape.
  8. Equipment or furniture cannot be removed from the building.
  9. Food or drink may not be consumed within the sanctuary except for sacramental purposes.
  10. The piano and organ may be used with prior approval of the Vicar.
  11. The use of alcohol is subject to approval by the Bishop’s Committee.
  12. St. John’s program needs to have priority over other requests.
  13. Failure to abide by these rules may disqualify a group from future use of the facilities.
  14. Proof of liability insurance/Accord Agreement for a minimum of $1 million must be provided prior to use.
  15. A complete rental application form and signed agreement must be on file with St. John’s Episcopal Church.

Fellowship Hall and Sanctuary Rental Fees

Non-profit Events

Up to 2 hours

Fellowship Hall
$10/hour for recurrent use$50 for one-time use

Fellowship Hall (Small Groups Only)

$20/month, meeting one day a week
$50/month, meeting more than two days a week

Fellowship Hall + Kitchen

Cleaning Fee
$20 for events with between 20-30 people
$50 for events with between 31-100 people
$150 for events with 100+ people

For-profit Events

Fellowship Hall
$15/hour recurrent use
$150 for one-time use

Fellowship Hall + Kitchen
$25/hour recurrent
$250 for one-time use

Cleaning Fee
$100/month for recurrent use
$100 for one-time use

Key Deposit

Damage Deposit


$150 Cleaning Fee
Donations are welcome for the use of the sanctuary.

Donations may be made out to St. John’s discretionary fund.