Policy on Use of Columbarium

  1. Use of the columbarium is available to all, church members and non-members, community residents and non-community residents.
  2. Ashes may be buried (either in a bag or loose) or scattered in either the columbarium or the upper garden area.
  3. There will be a fee of $1,000 for the deposit or scattering of ashes. This fee covers the following:
    • A ceramic plaque with the person’s name, along with dates of birth and death, would be prepared and mounted on the memorial fence above the columbarium in the areas provided.
    • The person’s initials will be subtly inscribed on the side of the stone under which the ashes are deposited. Those initials would not exceed ¾ inches in height and would be visible only on close examination.
    • No other inscriptions, engraving, monuments, flower holders, plantings, artificial flowers or markers will be permitted in the columbarium (except during the interment service). Fresh flowers can be laid on the stone.
    • The church’s Junior Warden or designate will assist with interment.
    • Perpetual care of the columbarium and garden area will be maintained in its current rustic manner by St. John’s Episcopal Church.
  4. An interment service in the columbarium, as well as use of the church and/or parish hall for a funeral or memorial service is not included in this fee and would have to be arranged separately with the church Vicar.
  5. Church members/participants can reserve space (including the selection of a particular stone) through registration and payment of the fee. If a particular stone is selected, it will be inscribed with the person’s initials.
  6. A registration form (available at the church office) would be completed by the church Vicar or designate at the time of payment, to include name of person to be interred, date of birth, stone selection, initials to be engraved on the stone, contact person(s), address, telephone number and signature.
  7. A Register will be kept by the church Vicar or designate. This Register will be available in the church office for review. A photographic image of the columbarium will be prepared with each stone numbered for record keeping purposes. This image will be kept in the church office.
  8. The church Vestry by majority vote has the right to modify this policy, grant variances, set special conditions, address individual requests and reduce the fee charged.