St. John’s Episcopal Church is proud to be a distributor of Café Justo “More than Fair Trade” organic coffee. For more information, please contact the church.

More than Fair-Trade Organic Coffee
“Caffeine with a Conscience”
1 lb.5 lb. *
100% Organic Arabica$9.00$41.00
100% Organic Robusta$9.00$41.00
Breakfast Blend (50% Robusta/50% Arabica)$10.00$45.00
Decaf (water-processed)$10.00$45.00
Half Decaf (50% Arabica Decaf/50% Arabica)$10.00$45.00

*5 lb. bags available on special order with pre-pay
*All coffee is available in whole bean or ground, regular or dark roast

Who they are: Café Justo is a network of coffee grower cooperatives across Mexico that grow, roast, package, and ship their own coffee.

Why they do it: Sustainable wages, environmentally sound growing practices, and families who are able to stay together on their own lands.

How they do it: Fair Trade is a good start. But it’s only a start. The real profit in coffee comes from roasting the beans, not growing them. By keeping farmers in the process, Café Justo ensures that success is shared equally.

For order or purchase, please contact:

St. John’s Episcopal Church
19 Sowles/PO Box 368
Bisbee, AZ 85603